Brexit: Theresa May to ask EU for further extension – BBC News

Theresa May will ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit deadline to “break the log jam” in Parliament.

The PM says she wants to meet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to agree a plan on the future relationship with the EU.

But she insisted her withdrawal agreement – which was voted down last week – would remain part of the deal.

Mrs May said she wanted the extension to be “as short as possible” – before 22 May so the UK does not have to take part in European elections.

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45 thoughts on “Brexit: Theresa May to ask EU for further extension – BBC News

  1. All part of her / EU plan push the date back to Oct and the EU will not be sitting during that time so she would have pushed the same list of EU demands on the peoples of the UK telling us this is the only way to deliver brexit. We seen thogh her deception, and even now when she has lost she goes to the EU and makes demands that her follower must do as she did and push this dead horse deal which is not a deal. as it has no detail of the trade deal demands the EU will then push on the UK. This thing she called adeal is a list of EU demands which any government could not accept. Nor will we the people who voted for brexit. This is not brexit its the remainers dream of staying in the EU but telling us the lie that we are out. Every time she hugs Tusk the EU offical who openly said we should be in hell it proves we were right to vote leave.

  2. 98 % of my business : service : customers DIED !! Other phone DEAD – all year – all weak : like a Bloody SUNDAY ! All DECADE of ZERO growth – of this PM ( Psychopathic Monster ) R > G

  3. ….the Brexit they voted for after the government led them astray with false information. Of there was a second referendum just right now, the vast majority will vote to remain in the EU.
    This entire Brexit is a catastrophe in many ways. May ought to quit.

  4. what an embarassment this pm has made of our country, we are now going cap in hand to ask for favours, the eu are now totally in control of our destiny, which is I suspect and millions of my fellow leavers suspect has been her agenda all along, this remainer mp has totally humiliated us

  5. You are a liar, and utterly useless. You are are running our country like Walt Disney World on crystal met. Do us all a favour and leave. I left the UK over a year ago because of this as i could no longer stand the out of touch politicians that do no have a clue what they are doing

  6. You saw the pics of a young Teresa with Merkel, right?! It’s a set-up, folks! Do everything she can to prevent or subvert Brexit… We’ll keep fighting our Deep State stronghold in the US – will you keep up the fight , UK??? Fellow ‘cattle’ fellow ‘sheep’ fellow ‘feeders’? Will you keep fighting with your fellow feeders in the US? I hope so! WWG1WGA

  7. People who voted for brexit are the biggest idiots. No wonder these gullible losers are very easy to be conned by politicians.
    Possible scenario:
    > Brits leave wihtout a deal
    > British economy collapses
    > Scotland Leaves the GB
    > Northern Ireland joins the Republic of Ireland
    > Spain takes Gibralter
    > Feel_like_shit.jpg
    > Brits beg EU to take them back
    > EU takes them back but no special privilages
    > No voting ability in EU, gets rid of pound and integrated into Schengan zone.
    > Leave voters : Feels_bad_man.jpg

  8. Why does she keep saying she has a deal? She does not have a deal!

    For two years the EU have refused to talk about any possible deal until she agrees to paying over 39 big ones, and accepting whatever the EU offer, after paying up.

    And, why does she keep saying we HAVE to leave with a deal? That is fallacious, we do not. She seems to think that if she says it often enough, people will begin to think it is true. Just as when she keeps saying her deal delivers the Brexit people want!

  9. The big stitch-up has begun, the EU offers a year long extension to give the Remainers the time to force thru legislation for a second referendum! The question on that referendum will be Mrs May's deal or Remain! The Remainer MP's are gambling that the Brexiteer supporters will do nothing about it and carry on doing nothing about it , which seems like a decent bet at the moment????

  10. You fools.You are a bunch of incompetents . Resign and let someone with a backbone stand up to the Euro fools and get us out No deal if necessary. I am sick and tired of this. You are fuelling the far right .You seem intent on causing civil unrest. We are a democratic country and proud. You are a disgrace. The majority voted to LEAVE!

  11. The British People did not vote for your surrender document, they voted to leave the EU. High Time you and your anti-democratic cabinet woke up to smell the coffee. The log jam is the cabinet which is full of remainers, including yourself. You are not putting
    the country first, you are not even putting your party first, you are simply putting you and your husband first. now get out and let someone in who puts the country first.

  12. ongoing utter political failure and traitors reported bias by bbc, msm liars and charlatans. funny the bbc allowing comments. when will you acknowledge the cats out of the bag you shower.
    maybe they think the sheeple will think somehow they are objective. don't kid yourselves.

  13. Why does she talk and pretend as if she has acheived something big? She achieved less than squat since she took the chair.
    Listsning to may id like a massive waste of time. She has wasted the UK and more importantly EU's time

  14. Extensions keep going on and on till we we are stuck in the eu this government is destroying our democracy and freedom of speech all of them they don't care because they won't suffer with our money in their pockets but the working class will as usual

  15. We cannot expect one of the other Countries to help us out – THEY want our money too and the bloodsuckers will be very persuasive about them 'doing as they are told. Guess what – they want MORE countries to join! The buggers must know that their puppets here have the upper hand and will be giving them more of our money! It's almost like an invasion by aliens!

  16. May… you need to be careful what you ask for … extension upon extension, could well be denied by the EU council.. in which case they would have made the decision for you. But then again that would end the cringe worthy performance of the uk’s political theatre.. for which I’m sure they are finding great entertainment….. feeling embarrassed by our government at the moment .

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