Brexit: Theresa May updates MPs on draft deal – BBC News

Theresa May addressed MPs on the EU withdrawal agreement, which was formally agreed by the leaders of the other 27 EU nations at the weekend.

On Gibraltar, which was a last minute sticking point in the negotiations, she says the government is committed to protecting all parts of the UK and has the support of the Gibraltar government in the approach they have taken.

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The prime minister says neither side is “entirely happy” on the arrangements…

27 thoughts on “Brexit: Theresa May updates MPs on draft deal – BBC News

  1. at 11.25 when she says this is the best deal she can barely keep herself from smiling.  Its a remoaners Brexit locking us in to paying more and more.  Notice at 1.23 she says it ends the VAST sums sent to Brussels ??  More spin.  Notice she didn't say STOP the money being sent on reduce??  As we still have to pay the EU because we are still locked in ??  This is treason.

  2. The Devil is in the detail as always.  She keeps saying the same pre rehearsed statement never mentioning the Backstop Trap the EU will never let us out of and trap us in forever.  We will be bound to the Customs union never being able to agree any other terms without the EU being in our pocket.

  3. People lived in London do not want BREXIT! But for UK to get out the EU by herself, there will not be any good deal at all! Most likely end up hard BREXIT pay the price and no deal!

  4. Why does Britain need a "deal"? Britain should have declared itself out of the EU within twenty four hours of the election results being tabulated…no ifs, ands or buts. Don't Brits and Europeans believe in free and fair – and binding – democratic elections anymore?

  5. You know the EU doesn't want you? They see you as greedy, unappreciative, bossy, and cheap exemplified in this brexit deal but they're willing to put up with it if it puts an end to the relationship.

    Nevertheless the UK is hurting itself the most with this exit while the EU is only getting bigger stronger and smarter

    In less than 50 years to EU is going to run over the UK if the UK isn't in the EU

  6. This is not just the end of Theresa May, but also the end of the Tory Party. Indeed it is the end of the whole British Democratic system and all its institutions. Britain is little more than an EU slave colony.

    The Head of State, The House of Lords, The House of Commons, Westminster they must all go! Because all power is now held by our EU Masters.

  7. We do need to be tougher though. Europe needs us more than we need Europe. I don’ t believe we should pay anything on leaving or meet any demands. We should offer special deals to any EU countries that want to independently trade with as after Brexit, and for those countries we can allow free movement, for those making demands, close the borders and cease importing their goods.

  8. We should stay in, and just demand an end to the free movement. Even though I have moved to Pakistan/China on practically a permanent basis, this should be compared to the Treaty of Versailles, as essentially this is what it is. The Germans are punishing the British how the tables have turned. From Great Britain to the laughing stock of the world, the clownish state of Europe, get ready to be fucked royally, by the Eurocrats. The Conservatives put on a masterclass of how not to carry out statecraft, books will be written about this and taught how not to negotiate. A Labour government quite frankly now looks more appealing than ever before, the Conservatives, have screwed this up. One shall not vote for them again.

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