Brexit: What is the DUP and what does it believe in? – BBC News

It’s propped up the Conservative Party for two years and weighed in strongly on the Brexit question.

Why does Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party have so much power?

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20 thoughts on “Brexit: What is the DUP and what does it believe in? – BBC News

  1. What happend to democracy. Sure, you can disagree with their views and their opinions but you simply cannot act like a little mob that decides which opinions are more or less wrong.

  2. Everyone needs to realise that within 10 years of Brexit being finalised Northern Ireland simply will become too prosperous and entrenched in the UK it could never just switch over to being part of the republic of ireland which is an EU member state! Why would it take a step down? Especially when the EU will break up in the next two decades?

  3. Q. "So, who are the DUP?" A. Dumb Ulster Paddies.
    Q. "What do they believe in?" A. The Old Testament.
    Q. "Why are they so important?" A. They no longer are.
    Q. "But why does it matter for Brexit?" A. Wrong tense; it doesn't.
    Q. "So what do people in Northern Ireland think?" A. They think their Remain vote should have been respected – but that doesn't matter to the DUP.

  4. Have just finished Sam McBride’s book on the Cash for Ash controversy. The bottom DUP position on divergence from GB appears to be to use maximal divergence when it suits in order to leverage as much money from the UK as possible. As always follow the money.

  5. DUP up to their ears on terror gangs, they do they're canvassing and gently yet threatening persuade the protestant community into voting whether they want to or not. I know because I have witnessed it hundreds of times. They also ensure £400.000 .00 a yr for sectarian bonfire but no one know apart from the terror gangs how its spent. That what your British politicians are cozying up to.

  6. undemocratic unionist party, polls in Britain say 60% plus to give Ireland back to the Irish, squatters are not British ie Britain is an island like Ireland, British is not a race, it has no DNA language or national anthem. Time to fix bad decisions by English royal to squat IRELAND. BTW is it still illegal to call yourself English in a English court.

  7. The DUP are pushing Northern Ireland away from the rest of Britain. We will leave with the deal worked by Boris but I it would have been better for Britain if the DUP had shown a little loyalty as we have shown to them over the years. It appears to me that the DUP want it all and more, no wonder no one wants to work with then in the NI Parliament. Think again before you loose the will of the rest of Britain.

  8. Honeslty, how relevant is the DUP? They oppose everything and agree with nothing. The party opposed the Good Friday Agreement and are now using the GFA as leverage. It appears that the DUP is anti progress and anti 21st century. I think they are still living in Queen Vitcoria's reign. Even Boris Johnson threw them under the bus so what does that tell you? Answer: the party is rapidly becoming irrelevant. Their own 'Union' shafted them. Seems like the rest of the UK aren't really interested in them.

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