48 thoughts on “Could Brexit lead way to a united Ireland? BBC News

  1. In the unlikely event that there is unified Ireland will there be loyalists terrorist going south to bomb the hell out of the place for an indipendent North.
    Not everyone wants a unified Ireland and they will be willing to fight for it.
    Dispite what that shite Jerry Adams says, is the status quo all that bad? Do we really want bombs all over Dublin?

    Some things are not worth the innocent dying for and this is definitely one of them.

  2. Ireland shouldn't even be in the European Union they were neutral during WW2 and didn't fight for the freedoms that others gave their lives for. Russia even blocked their application to the United nations because of this. They were bailed out to the tune of 85 billion euros of which they still owe 45 billion. England is their biggest trading partner. Ireland will sink. Good riddance.

  3. Even if you support partition, the place the border was drawn did not really take enough account of where each community lived. 500,000 Catholics ended up in the wrong state (now closer to 800,000). That was 30% of the population of NI, whereas the Protestant population in the South of Ireland was only 7%. The partition was biased towards one side. But in my opinion it shouldnt even have happened.

  4. The Irish have been fighting to be rid of the British government for a thousand years. They're not going to quit now on the verge of victory. Those idiot Orrangmen might as well get over with a go ahead with it. If it comes to war again the Unionist will stand alone, condemned by the whole world.

  5. The location of the border does not reflect the demographics. A Boundary Commission under the Anglo Irish Treaty was supposed to redraw it. This didnt happen. The report of the Commission was leaked by J.R. Fisher, a Unionist newspaper editor and member of the Commission. The Southern Irish govt didnt like that it proposed handing over part of East Donegal around Raphoe to NI, in return for tiny parts of Fermanagh and Armagh, WT Cosgrave flew to London and agreed with James Craig and Stanley Baldwin to suppress the report in return for writing off part of Ireland's contribution to the Imperial debt.

  6. Yes, unite Ireland and see the streets of Dublin, Cork and Derry flow with Irish blood instead of British blood. Is this really what the people’s of Ireland want? I won’t buy anything made or processed in Ireland, not even my favorite Mc D. Which is made with Irish beef, foreign beef.

  7. Listen since nobody in the world though of this idea, britain wants out out the eu if the eu are worrying about customs check let them put the customs check on the republic of ireland side and just leave the eu

  8. Ireland so wanted Independence and a United Ireland, all to give it away immediately to the EU and mass immigration. How sad to see, at least the British have a vaguely similar culture and values. Good luck in the USEU.

  9. im so excited for this finally we will be united, also the amount of craic and celebration up and down the country would be amazing cant wait to welcome my northern brothers to a united ireland <3 <3

  10. Kiss goodbye to Free Healthcare. A Economy that's way worse off because how much it would cost Dublin and a Country that wouldn't even be independent it would be under EU Control so if that's a true United free republic then you're deluded.

  11. see when the people of the UK yea im one, see that the British government only cares about London and the queen, the UK will become, the UL… united London and its capital is the wee city inside London not many people know about.

  12. Just because one does not see Irish Tri Colours everywhere that Belfast is any less Irish than Dublin. The silent majority's voice will be heard when the eventual border poll comes about. Our stoic approach since the GFA to aggressive Unionist propaganda will be demonstrated when the North leaves the Commonwealth.

  13. A United northern Ireland is more needed, unification of the 32 would cause major financial crisis in the 26, we in the insane asylum of the 26 can't create anything other than emigration, so let's hope the rest of the scumbags in the 6 both republican and loyalist shut the fuck up and allow the 26 to piss their heads off like we always do in order to see the 6 as anything but a land of inbreds

  14. I'm a student that has been studying politics a level. I live in northern ireland. I'm 17 and i would consider myself british. I was born in scotland, my mother is english born but grew up here and my dad is from here. I had the opportunity to talk to a Sinn Fein party member about 6 months ago. He seemed like a nice man. Catholic, which i don't honestly care about. We asked him about a united Ireland and what the benefits would be. He couldn't give a clear answer other than "just better". That's not good enough for me who is about to hit voters age. I could settle with a united ireland if i new exactly what would benefit me and people in general. The main problem isn't political or religious but it's economic. The uk in general is economically more powerful than the republic and that's it. There's free health care in northern ireland, minimum wage is higher and in line with the rest of the uk, prices are generally higher, the living wage is higher etc. The poorest people here are better off than the poorest in the republic. The republic would not be able to accept 1.9 million more people into their country which, a number of years ago had to get financial help from the EU as it was in severe debt. I'll happily take a united ireland when it's better than living as part of the UK.

  15. What? Brits in Ireland are starting to think that their presence there is somehow in question?
    I sure hope so. The Brits have already gave up on their entire world Emire, except in Ireland. That supposed to be forever British, right?

  16. Boris Thanos holds the Gauntlet of PM power… We are now in The End Game…

  17. Time has come too move on, peace right through.
    Just get through, it's a new day.
    In my heart we are one. I live in South Africa and when l talk too a Scott or a British or whales folk, l feel at home, where all so similar in many ways. Keep eye on tomorrow its a new Day👁️‍🗨️

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