EU leaders 'not bluffing' over Brexit – BBC News

Malta’s prime minister has warned that EU leaders are not bluffing when they say the UK will be left without access to the single market when it leaves the bloc if there is no free movement of people. Joseph Muscat, whose country assumes the EU’s presidency in January, told the BBC “this is really and truly our position and I don’t see it changing”.

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50 thoughts on “EU leaders 'not bluffing' over Brexit – BBC News

  1. the ironic thing is that pm muscat was completely against the EU and campaigned against Malta's EU membership in 2003 and then after the vote he wouldn't even accept the decision for some time..he has been bought by the EU a complete SELLOUT HE IS LOOKING FOR A TOP JOB IN BRUSSELS

  2. It’s funny how Britain still hasn’t understood that there isn’t a deal apart from EU, Norway, Canada ++… there are so many of these videos where an EU leader or rep says exactly this and the British Journalists sits there and doesn’t believe what they’re hearing…

    And at the end, they‘ll go oh you mean there is no other deal? Let’s have another referendum so that we can go back and hopefully this time around the UK will shut up for a while and not sabotage the EU

  3. ill make it simple: young people during the original referendum to join the single market: ok sounds like it could be good for our trade and econamy! lets join!

    Those same people in the last eu referendum: we didnt mind the si gle market, but we dont like these political ties with the eu!

    Modern young people: yay political union! its good for the econamy! i have no idea what im saying! vote remain!

  4. We are talking about leaving EU forever?And he's think the guff that eu mep are talking about is the real world?The eu think that they are an heavier weight and England is a light weight? They think we are are agreeing to a boxing match,when in fact we are fighting mma rules.once they get an elbow on the jaw they will realize there in a bit of trouble?A good well timed kick to the groin will have them looking into there corner for help? But they cannot entire the ring?

  5. It's blatantly obvious that the EU isn't bluffing, we only have to see of everything thats been said over the last year, now the UK on the other hand I'm not sure, either they are on a suicide run with hard Brexit or they are bluffing to try and get better terms out of the EU, but the EU doesn't seem to be biting, in fact I get the impression that many in the EU wants to get rid of us which isn't a good sign for the UK but one thing is clear, over the year, the EU has been toughening its stance on the UK whereas the UK hoped it would soften it, in truth, this is all backfiring spectacularly on the UK which is great because arrogants must be punished 🙂

  6. We are not bluffing either,you are in a different world to us, the vote was democratic, a real situation caused by the European and its dictatorship ideas.i believe it's our money you want, so sorry you will have to get on without us.cheerio.

  7. This is one of the flaws of the EU, it gives people like this a prestige they don't deserve. Ordinarily, there would be no consequence to the opinion of somewhere as unimportant as Malta, the same goes for most of the EU's many beneficiary nations.

  8. I can't understand why they seem to think we should be paying to leave? After all nowhere in the treaty where it sets out the procedure for a nation to withdraw from the union does it say we have to pay to leave, we're not a bloody indentured nation beholden to Brussels! Also having paid in for many years, and been the second largest contributor, they must owe us for 'our' percentage of EU assets after all its a divorce, and in any divorce settlement assets are divided. Now fair enough if we want to take part in EU projects then yes we should pay for it, but if we are not then what the hell are we paying for? As bloody usual Brussels just want to extract another pound of flesh from the British tax payer, and I say bugger that!

  9. The arrogance of these fuckers is unbelievable. They are too used to the power they have over compliant citizens of the EU, and they can't stand the idea of being bested by the British voters. Frankly, do your worst, arsehole – we are getting out and there is nothing you can do about that. The biggest reason they want to make it difficult for us is that when the UK makes a go of living outside the EU, as it will, their cosy gravy-train will crash, as all other EU citizens start agitating to break up the shitty, undemocratic, totalitarian mess that is the EU. And good riddance to it, and shit-heads such as you.

  10. I don't understand why anyone is surprised,of course the rules won't be different for the UK.Why would they be? Also the rhetoric of the Tories towards the E U at their conference ( I forced myself to watch it) was hardly an exercise in How to Win Friends and Influence People.

  11. The EU is great for all the tin pot little countries of Europe. It gives their politicians a chance to prance around on a bigger stage and makes them feel important. We subsidise all these basket cases and of course they are upset that we are leaving and they are going to try to make us pay for not wanting to be members of their rotten to the core corrupt club. And the way theses good for nothing tossers treated Teresa May a couple of days ago is worthy of the school playground! Sulky little schoolgirls nothing more!!

  12. I find it remarkable that the United Kingdom are ordered to pay a leaving fee of £50 billion just to exit a bureaucratic Union. The people were told when Britain was first signed up that it was just for trading purposes only. This however has not been the case as we are witnessing right now.

    If any other country wants to leave, does this mean they have to go through this too?

  13. "No bluffing from E.U. leaders". How dare these people, in effect, try to hold us to ransom. They want to charge the U.K. a "cancellation" fee of its membership to a sinking ship and still have the audacity to suggest it will cost us to be in the single market while accepting no border controls. The country voted out, let's get the hell out.

  14. Haaaa. Here we see the hapless BBC desperately jumping on this Maltese nobody to yet again attempt to interfere with the Brexit process. Do the British government really need the advice of the prime minister of Malta? Is this what the EU has reduced us to? Oh, please!

  15. We should never have joined in first place all those years seeing our industries being lost in return for what so the French can burn our sheep so we can pay into the coffers to subsidise all the dead beet areas since when do you pay to have ( free trade) over the years it gets worse now we can truly trade with who ever we want

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