EU not in "hostile mood" on Brexit says Juncker – BBC News

With the UK about to trigger the process for leaving the EU, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has been talking to the BBC’s Europe Editor Katya Adler about the challenges ahead with – and without – Britain.

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41 thoughts on “EU not in "hostile mood" on Brexit says Juncker – BBC News

  1. Not drunk and Laughing at us on this film then with your mates. We found you out. Cunning Lieing piece of. Shit ,con men keeping Britain down. May was a stupid soft touch. You even Laugh at her take the piss. Idiots. Want our money use the bk stop to hold us in.

  2. Europe is one thing, the EU is NOT Europe. We are not leaving Europe, that is ludicrous, we are however leaving the EU and getting out of the bureaucratic despotism that the EU has become.
    There is only two ways to deal with this, the first is to scrap the entire EU idea and rebuild it from the ground up as a European trade organisation(call it the ETO) or the UK is to just leave and regain the full sovereignty of our country while business continues with minor changes.

    Britain is sick to death of being fined for trading in imperial measurement, sick to death of open border policy that is defined and imposed by the EU in Brussels, each nation state needs to retain its control as a sovereign nation, you can not take away a nations sovereignty bit by bit to create a single united states of Europe. Europe can not work like that, most of all you can't take away natural free market trade and competition to protect and favour one nation/corporation trade over another.

    Britain has given the EU a massive opportunity to completely reform the entire system, by working with the UK and the rest of Europe we can all build a better Europe without the current broken EU Bureaucratic despotism. The saying that the UK must pay and be made an example of as to stop other member states from leaving is clear and utter rhetoric and will serve no one positively. However if agreements, trade, complete reforms, financial accounting transparency and so on is all dealt with and the issues that deeply concern every member state including the UK can be overcome then there is hope yet.
    As i mentioned above this would take a complete overhaul of the current EU Bureaucratic Despotism to do it, for Mr Juncker to pass up this opportunity to reform the EU to a better European trade agreement, would be foolish.

  3. Screw the e.u to shit. We dont want your stupid german fascist type laws here in Romania either. We also have nothing to learn from you and we dont want you here on our ancestral land. ALL COUNTRIES OUT OF E.U.BIG FUCK YOU TO NAZI BRUSSELS

  4. What does this guy know about the words 'human' & 'dignity' when your own youth is underemployed? When your educational system is faulty and people with university degrees are being devalued? I stand for the common man! We all deserve a decent shot at life and I highly doubt that this man holds these beliefs- as far as I am concerned he cares only for his cronies.

  5. Watch the EU leak documents during the UK-EU negotiations. The EU will try to destabilize the UK governments resolve and public support. The EU destroyed Greece during their debt negotiations by doing the same thing. They leaked documents, split the government in two disabling them from taking any action. The EU then went in and shut down all their banks. The European federation is coming……..

  6. No one in Eu gives a shit about britain in fact many people in eu welcomed this desition , our countries will definitly profit from that by atracting all the banks and companies which want to remain their ascess to eu market.

  7. Can't you get it in your thick head, Juncker, the peoples of Europe do not want a political union….

    You are a bureaucratic dictator. As haughty as they come. Blind as a mole.

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