28 thoughts on “Fox News, CNN, C-SPAN barred from live coverage of SC Dem convention

  1. Donald J Trump is a unindicted criminal. If anyone here read the Mueller report. In part or in whole, his criminal activity in obstruction becomes quite evident. Trump will go down in history. As a liar, as a cheap con man, a racist, a bigot, a hypocrite, immoral, a narcissist, delusional, dishonest, a womanizer, a traitor, and more especially. He will the known as the man that brought democracy and the republic to it's knees. All this is evident in everything he does and says. Yet his base of blind hardcore supporters simply do not care. As long as he spews fourth from his mouth. The racially charged, nationalist hatred they embrace so dearly. Their own bigotry and xenophobia blind them to what Trump truly is.

  2. Don't worry CNN, C-Span and FOX, you're not going to be missing much anyway. It's just going to be about which candidate will promise the voter the most "free stuff".

  3. The Dems are trying to save MSNBC, since its ratings plummeted for going so far LEFT it fell off of California into the Pacific Ocean.
    Maybe. Rachel Maddow can save MSNBC with her engaging personality!

  4. The democrats are f**king pathetic and that’s just more reason NOT to vote for any democrats because they don’t need the exposure and only Trump’s campaign gets the exposure because all supporters are welcome! F**k those crybabies corrupted democrats and vote out all the democrats because they are all stupid incompetent dumbshits!!!

  5. Who the hell wants to see those bluerats lie and lie and lie to the people. They been in house for 50 years what have they accomplished nothing everything they did vote for now is wrong and needs to be changed. The only thing needs to change out is congress. 8 years is as long as you get in office. Senators 10 years and you are out. 2 years out can rerun for office. We can always vote trump in another four years after his 8 years. We finally have a man in office who is NOT a politician. He has broken the glass ceiling and the American people are happy. Someone who is fighting for us.

  6. The reason why the Democrats are pulling this s*** is because they don't want the American people to see the real agenda on how they're going to make the USA become a communist party and they going to control every American and they're going to tell the American people do as I tell you or you will have a penalty you must provide for all the illegal immigrants you must pay higher taxes that's the only gender she wanted Democrats you got him you f**** idiots now it's time for the America people to take America back away from the Democrats and every Democrat out of office

  7. LOL… fear that the candidates will be heard bickering at each other. It doesn't matter what media company is barred, South Carolina will ultimately vote Republican.

  8. Thought that Trump might do the comments on the night of the convention speakers. How about the camera with Trump as Fox listens and people, Godey, Mark Meadows, and other thinking people watch together and you record it all. Nice thought? More than one way to give the real story that night.

  9. This is just an example what the future is going to be and our government Well Control the media the Haves and Have Nots and how the information goes out it's sad to see the tree of truth will not come out about 1 party of the other

  10. Andrew yang!! Dude is gonna give you a 1000 bucks a month. And companies like amazon who didn’t pay a dime in federal taxes are gonna pay for it.

  11. I GUESS ALL THOSE FAKE MEDIA FOLKS WERE JUST FOX NEWS AFFILIATES THEN? Colbert sent people but were BANNED. They went online, got tickets and went into the rally. Golden State banned anyone who did not purchase memberships. Right Side Broadcast Network had banned people and so did Cubic Zirconia and 100% Polly Esther. Before primaries, Golden State did not ban anyone and I was sure to give them props. Colbert's two 'news' people asked those in Orlando questions. I will leave it at that. In a CNN chat room were many you see in Fox chats. So much for CNN being 'so bad.' One person spoke of Mueller being a dirty cop, well, because he is an "evil Democrat." Dude! Don't make yourself look uninformed! (Others would have called him the names we are all to familiar with that come from both sides, a practice I find reprehensible. Then again, president has them spewing out of his mouth. It's got to stop for we are better than resorting to 4yo on a playground bullying and calling one another names.) Angel De La Rosa's ending with Mueller being being an evil Democrat is, well, misinformed. Mueller is a combat injured soldier who served his country in a war that many felt was pointless. He also has been an honorable man of the law for 20+ years. HE IS A REPUBLICAN!

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