Hard or soft Brexit: What's the difference? – BBC News

The BBC’s Kamal Ahmed explains the difference between a hard or soft Brexit for the UK. Check out more about the UK’s Brexit options in BBC1’s Brexit: What’s Next?

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23 thoughts on “Hard or soft Brexit: What's the difference? – BBC News

  1. Hard BREXIT NOW !
    Nigel Farage for Prime Minister
    British Customs Stopping islamic migrants from entering England.
    Permanently CLOSE England`s Borders to all islamic countries.
    Permanently Deporting islamic terrorists, hate preachers & pedophiles out of England.
    Permanently Banning muslim only zones
    Permanently Banning out door prayer
    Permanently Banning sharia law
    Permanently Banning muslim only schools
    Permanently Banning New mosque buildings
    England belongs to England.

  2. Can't have it both ways. Either hard like the moronic UK people who didn't know what they voted for or soft with benefits. Either way the UK is screwed. And also, Why does the BBC always refer to the United States as America? The Americas are two continents NOT a SPECIFIC country. This crap has to stop. Maybe we can refer to the UK as England too all the time.

  3. I'm Spaniard and I think soft Brexit is the worst deal. Because UK will has same regulations and duties, no finances (only goods), without a strong representation in Brussels, out of European Parliament and no influence, being the secone o third economy . Norway is not a good example for UK.

  4. Why, in the hard-brexit cut-out of Britain, is Ireland left on the side of Britain? Ireland will stay in the EU no matter what Uk does. Has the BBC not yet realised that Ireland is a sovereign nation independent of the UK, or have they been brainwashed by the gutter-brexiters who still believe in a post-colonial British dominance on the Irish island ?

  5. The piece missing from all propoganda arguements, is the harm that the EU would inflict on itself by going to WTO rules with its biggest single market (UK). The EU has a huge trade surplus with the UK. The harm the EU would inflict on itself would be much greater than any harm the UK would inflict on itself. Therefore, a free trade deal makes sence for both parties but moreso for the EU

  6. No such thing as Hard Brexit and Soft Brexit. We are either in or out of the EU. That is what the Referendum constituted. THat is what we voted for. THat is what the result of the Referendum (whether it be one vote advantage or 1 million votes advantage) resulted in….. Leave.
    The terms Hard and Soft were Remoaner Brainwashing Tactics, which if they were totally accepted would evolve to Softer Soft Brexit or harder Soft Brexit or Softer Hard Brexit ….. jeez it would just get so complicated, to still try and get something out of the deal ie half in half out, or otherwise soften the effects of leaving right down until it was Brexit in name only. That is NOT what we voted for. The whole issue has been over the Libtard Lefties who just couldnt accept being beaten, throwing up every possible reason under the sun why it was all going to be a disaster. Libtards who havnt got any faith in their own country's capabilities.
    Libtards like this pillock from the Remain Biased BBC who keep niggling away at it, and will no doubt continue for months maybe years afterwards blaming any little glitch in the economy on Brexit, and then trying first to convince us that we should have stayed in, and after that cooking up a scheme to re-enter us into the EU.
    The best medicine will be when we see our trade figures and GDP going up and up, as we capture Free Trade Deal after Free Trade Deal with other nations around the globe, living standards improve, our NHS comes back under control once again and the young people start to get a better life from it all, unhindered by the wrong types of immigrants being allowed in that will prove detrimental to our society.

  7. What a great idea leave ue pay divorce bill for 40years and do not have rights to decide just great only because one man want to flood British market with cheap shit from China and America
    What are we going to eat American meat on steroids Genetically modified food are we really that stupid????no one else believe in unicorn ?????

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