Keita Injury Update & Sturridge Banned | Liverpool Daily News LIVE

Keita Injury Update & Sturridge Banned | Liverpool Daily News LIVE

The lads are here with all the news and rumours surrounding Liverpool FC for Tuesday 3rd March! #LiverpoolFC #LFC #LiverpoolNews

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27 thoughts on “Keita Injury Update & Sturridge Banned | Liverpool Daily News LIVE

  1. I find your comments regarding Sturridge really strange and uninformed. There are very clear rules regarding betting by players and the evidence that Sturridge has encouraged relatives to bet on clubs he was somehow connected to is irrefutable (in fact he hasn't denied the allegations). That bookies are linked to the sport is completely irrelevant here and totally beside the point. If players were allowed to bet, they would have very strong incentives to manipulate games. This has happened already and it has most certainly already involved players in other sports (e.g. Pete Rose in baseball). You really shouldn't comment on things you are not willing to research.

  2. Love the guy and the glimpses he showed here and there but I think we should cut our losses on this one, at this point it's not helping us nor him. Maybe a loan next season and see from there and sort a new mid in the summer.

  3. Kieta! get rid! he is injury prone, what is the point!what does it matter if it is his fault or not… if he cant get himself fit for 1 month, then we should move on and sell him…for 50mil we barely git anything out of him, just another sturridge

  4. So disappointed ☹️ with naby.
    Was so looking forward to him when I seen clips of him I thought the Orem would be ideal for his type of game.
    Keep faith in him not just him klopp
    Don’t forget klopp signed him.

  5. Time for naby to go, he’s literally done nothing except be injured and make a couple appearances here and there 😂 should’ve got bruno fernandes when we had the chance he’s miles better

  6. Yea, that coronavirus is just a bunch of "scaremongering", and "the flu kills more people" – Normal flu affects 10% of population with 1% mortality. This impacts 50-80% with 2% mortality. So almost 20 times as deadly. Unlike flu it can kill in all age groups too. To treat it they're also using the same medication they use to treat HIV. We're also potentially on the cusp of a global pandemic. Apart from that there is no need to worry. And before someone pipes up "I bet you're fun at parties."… you won't catch me at one for at least six months.

  7. Does Keita not train properly or is he just susceptible to multiple injuries? I find it odd how he's injured every other month and due to his injuries we can't depend on him being a first team player. With Lallana leaving do we need to buy someone we can rely on who is ready when we need them?

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