Maybe Some Good News For Cruise Ships Finally

Maybe Some Good News For Cruise Ships Finally. Holland America announced it may have found a cruise port they can disembark passengers from the Westerdam. Anthem of the seas is still stuck in New York and more bad news for Princess cruise line. #cruiseshipnews #cruisingwithdon #donsfamilyvacations #cruiseshipvlog

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32 thoughts on “Maybe Some Good News For Cruise Ships Finally

  1. I admire how upbeat you stay with all the health problems you go through. Great news for your family members. Prayers for you Don. What a nightmare for all who on these ships with this virus and for the passengers on the Westerdam .Hopefully all this will end soon.

  2. I would never sail on Princess cruises after what my wife and I experienced On an Alaska cruise, the first day we ate in the buffet as we went in a member of the staff told everyone to wash their hands. We had breakfast the second day in the buffet, I notice passengers were handling the food, it was mostly self service. The third day my wife was ill with sickness and severe stomach problems. I went up to lunch the next day, I watched fifty people walk past the wash station I did report it. After that we ate in the restaurant.

  3. Per The Washington Post, an unnamed British businessman who was in Singapore for a conference apparently infected 14 people in France, Spain, Switzerland and England.

    He works for a multinational gas analysis company called Servomex: They have US offices in Texas and Massachusetts. Hopefully, he stays out of here.

    Five new cases in France were caused by the same Brit who went to Singapore, including a 9-year-old boy who occupied a Swiss ski resort room the man had used. He went from Switzerland to Spain which confirmed another coronavirus case on February 9. England has 8 confirmed cases.

    The globe-trotting Brit is now being referred to as a "superspreader". A latter-day Typhoid Mary.

  4. Westerdam update: no coronavirus still and the port where they'll disembark is in Thailand.
    Diamond Princess: now with well >100 diagnosed with coronavirus.

    Hope what I'm saying isn't premature… I'm finding myself having a hard time believing 800 (85% Chinese according to Don) taken aboard in Hong Kong can be virus free, while supposedly one single person on the Diamond Princess who left the ship the week before left behind virus which infected an initial 10 people. No way it's pure luck.

  5. Stay off those ships. This corona virus may be airborne. Watch developing news. After obscene prevarications, the WHO communique of Feb. 10
    is very ominous. People on the ship in Japan might as well be Guinea pigs.

  6. Tell that Hogwash to the passengers onboard the Princess Cruise Ship The Condemned β˜£οΈβ›΅πŸ§ŸπŸ§ŸπŸ§ŸπŸ§ŸπŸ§Ÿβ˜£οΈon that Vogage of the Damned πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€β˜£οΈ

  7. They could use this downtime to refurb the affected ships. That would make sense for them as many passengers are going to feel uneasy about hopping onto a previously infected ship, no matter how well it's cleaned.

  8. A friend of mine was supposed to leave on the Celebrity Millinum this week out of Shanghai…she won't go and I don't blame her…they finally agreed to give her future cruise credit…no refund.

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