Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 06, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Two scandals reopening old wounds on race in Virginia, Venezuela’s Maduro blocks much-needed aid from U.S., and investigation into fatal Navy collisions reveals failures in repairs and training.
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22 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 06, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. BiteSquad is the worst example of a company tip stealing. If you leave your 'tip' on the credit side, the company is keeping it. Leave zero for the corporate machine and give a cash tip to the driver.

  2. Trump's "the greatest president in modern times?" You are sick! How about past and modern times: Lincoln ended slavery and is said by historians to be the GREATEST PRESIDENT in American history; Wilson won World War 1; FDR ended the Great Depression; Truman won World War II; Johnson signed the Civil Rights bill; Reagan won the Cold War prohibiting the worldwide spread of Communism and making America the mightiest nation in the world once more; Obama ended the Great Recession. I'm a Democrat but I give honor to whom honor is due, and Trump is not in these men's league! Trump's a woefully ignorant person and has proven that he doesn't know anything about politics. He's a chronic liar. And He's affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, making him a racist. Because of his government shutdown he cost thousands of government employees their jobs, their homes, and their life savings, in hopes of building his "Great Wall." His government shutdown cost America 11 billion dollars– with three billion being unetrievable. He's a sell-out to Putin, president of America's greatest foe– RUSSIA! And he's caused nothing but Mayhem in America. He hasn't done a blessed thing for America, if so, give me examples.

  3. The Governor wore blackface and "should be impeached?" Trump's a Ku Klux klansmen and hasn't been impeached? What's become of this nation? Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and neither of the Bush's would have gotten away with it, but America's sorriest president has gotten away with it? What's become of this nation? "The White House", huh? It's the "black house" now, America. The humble abode of our former presidential leaders has now been DARKENED by the NEFARIOUS ways of its current leader and must be PURGED come 2020!

  4. a penny of wheat for a; nickel. … ahem. America, this Venezuela's food monstration is a dire warning to the populas. Gov't inflation due procrastination and damnation,… your own president holding hostage the economy or even thinking about it is unconsciencable. where's reason. over-night the food prices soar due to an unpopular president or a WAR or fear, caused by hatred. All are coming you. then hiperlative chewing gum is 100 dollars at 7 eleven. or milk is 200 dollars. if there is a shortage, granted, you will see inflation. where will you be when just in the front of you is FOOD for hunger, but unreachabe due – money. THINK! REPENT! NATIONS HAUGHTY WITH MATERIALISM AND GREED! i see your lies, a mighty earthquake comes you SELAH! – J

  5. Reporter: "Do you have any idea why they won't let the food in?"
    Woman: "Um…maybe."
    Reporter: " She has NO IDEA why the Venezuelan government won't allow humanitarian aid from the USA."

  6. Awww … so sweet …. those Labs at the end saved their Momma …. brought me to tears. She is really blessed indeed! Those dogs are the sweetest … that's why they use them as guide dogs because they are so special.

  7. BRAVO WAZE!!! Cops getting mad, sending a cease & desist letters …. that just falls in line with their thuggish tactics. Happy waze is looking out for the public. Now that’s really how you protect & serve.
    (I do not endorse speeding , not wearing your seatbelt, or drinking & driving)
    I do endorse people keeping their hard earned money and not having the police set up a sure fire way of increasing their stream of revenue at the tax payers expense.

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