OJ Thinks That B**** Carole Killed Her Husband – Weekly Weird News

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• OJ Simpson thinks Carole Baskin killed her…

39 thoughts on “OJ Thinks That B**** Carole Killed Her Husband – Weekly Weird News

  1. Fauci is doing more than fucking great. Have you ever seen Trump defer to anyone else in his presidency?
    He respects the hell out of him… which in itself, says a lot about the man.
    Have you seen his interviews?
    That man is a national hero man.
    No two ways about it.

  2. I don't like how you guys associate different political views as beings a terrible like with Cuomo and Medicaid. I agree with you about madicaid but your acting like that makes all his hard work irrelevant.

  3. Elliot's viewpoint of the Anthony Fauci story is so good to hear.
    All these memes are making everyone weirdly perverse.
    I think Ricky should get some mocassins (or make them, it looks very easy). I grabbed some this year and I damn near never take them off. 😁

  4. OJ did commit murder. He confessed to it not that long ago. But because the US justice system is so fucked, he can't be charged with a crime he was already "found innocent" of -_-

  5. Haven't seen it yet, and stop telling me I need to watch it lol I finally got my girl to watch lost and are almost done with the first season. This tiger king bullshit is going to mess that up

  6. now more then ever you guys have to look for news that are NOT Virus related…
    in troubling times gouvernments tend to do things that are not in the interest of the people because no one is paying attention.

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