PES 2020 Data Pack 5 myClub FREE LEGEND, News and updates and some rants i`m not happy.

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42 thoughts on “PES 2020 Data Pack 5 myClub FREE LEGEND, News and updates and some rants i`m not happy.

  1. My god this new data pack is so broken. Gameplay changed radically! Players stop, not responding and it's going super fast. As you hold spring button they go full power. No more progressions…anybody else noticed that?

  2. Data Pack 5 fucked up the AI and the game dynamics, PES is actually horrible now. I'm willing to stop playing it till next fix update, because there will be a fix to this shit !!…

  3. Please stop consolidate politics of Konami with micro transactions. We had boots players now we have boost legends in the meanwhile the content of Myclub is still empty no new challenge no challenge with theme team. If we stop buying coin and complaint more in Twitter…about servers, contents, collision of players and aleatory controls …. they will never change nothing to this mode.

  4. Hey mate, no excuses for playing it, it is the best soccer game, i have fun with every day. Do i like all of it, no, of course not. However why don´t you simply make a video about those new features like the iconic player ?

  5. been playing Pes 2020 3 months, not spent any money on coins, Game far too generous with Black Ball players, Ive got 2 Ronaldos, 2 Messis, Cruyff, Maradona, Lewandowski, G.Jesus, Varane, etc etc. ive got 32 players and 80% of squad top players. liked it back in day, when it took 6 months to have a good team. and not all world class players

  6. All this Pussies complain for everything! Be thankful we have an alternative for Fifa because I know if all I have is one soccer game I’ll be sad as fuck! Quit complaining over dumb shit you pussys!!!!

  7. As someone who recently started playing pes after many years of fifa, I can't personally see what you are complaining about not that you don't have any reasons to do so. I obviously see your points. I find that almost everything is better in pes. Fifa is first and foremost a money making machine and they don't even hide it anymore, whereas it seems to me that pes is trying to make good gameplay and content in order to make sales. But then again i'm new to the game and haven't seen all that much of it so far.

  8. Last week was terrible for me too. I just can not underStandt what the hecK is going on with PES 2020. Week before last I made a 11 match win series. Last week: I won only 6 games. Something is off with the defenders. Thank you.

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