The farmer helping to cut cow farts – BBC News

Emissions – belches and farts – from cows’ digestive systems have a big impact on global warming. This Kenyan farm is doing something about it.
A film by Richard Kenny for BBC World Hacks. Like, Share, Engage.

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36 thoughts on “The farmer helping to cut cow farts – BBC News

  1. This is a plaster to the real problem. A cow drinks 30 gallons of water and consume 130 pounds of food every day. More cows mean more water and food consumption and more methane output. The only viable solution is reducing meat/dairy consumption. Cows are never the problem but us.

  2. 2/2 This does NOTHING to address the WESTERN INSANE overconsumption in meat and dairy products (and China is joining the party as they develop SOME middle class). Meat is the product that needs the most resources – for dairy you do not have to kill the animal, so you get more out of "burdening" the planet with that additional animal.

    What a tiny ! farmer in KENYA ! does will not solve the impact of BIG AG in the RICH NATIONS. And in those rich countries a lot of meat and dairy products are produced with SOY (not gras !) for which they cut down the rainforests in Latin America (Honduras, Brazil, …) or change the landscape of Argentine and New Zealand. The very forests we cannot afford to lose at all – think bio diversity, future research in pharma etc., regional climate, washing out of soil, and last but not least Carbon is stored for some time in these forests.

    The Amazonian rainforests are about 50 millions years old – they shrinked and expanded (the Ice ages were a dry time so then rainforests shrinked – but they were always there. Leave it to the modern enlightened rich nations and their citizens to destroy them).

    In Europe even in the years of the economic miracle – 1950 to 1970s/early 1980s – meat or chicken was a Sunday treat. They usually ate dishes with some meat or sausage added on some days of the week, and vegetarian (sweet or salty/savoury) on others.
    Not so much cold meat, or sausages, or cheese for the evening meal either – likely the – stay at home – housewife would serve 2 warm meals a day. Or warm up leftovers from lunch. So it was a tasty but modest cuisine with reduced meat and cheese consumption (but making good use of milk and cheaper dairy products).

    Meat is expenisve if you feed the cattle with grass, or feed the chickens or pigs with a more natural diet (grown in your own country).

    Now, we eat much more food seved in cantines, in restaurants, snacks or Fast Food and cold lunches.

    In cantines cooking for a lot of people is easier with meat or with dishes containing meat. Try to make pancakes for hundreds of people.

  3. 1/ 2 Methane is a very effective greenhouse gas approx. 28 times more effective than CO2 – and like CO2 it is stable for a long time (and part of it reacts with the ozone high up in the atmosphere. Ozone that protects us of UV radiation. Ozone plus Methane react and become … Water + CO2).
    We have a lot of humans now on the planet and EAT TOO MUCH MEAT already.

    And yes, if you can do nothing to fight CC but cut out meat (and maybe some of the dairy too) this alone can do a LOT to reduce your METHANE footprint.

    If that lady in Kenya can live a little better with the training how to feed her cows better and get more milk from less cows (more likely she will keep all the cows and sell more milk) – that is a good thing. If in total less cows "trampel" on the soil, if the grassland is not overused – that is a good thing too. If the land becomes drier they might at least be able to protect their income with less cattle. (Or if animals get sick – one cow dying is big loss, especially if you only have 5 in total).

    Danone does a PR stunt here which the BBC uncritically supports. Going low on meat – and producing that meat with organic agriculture * and/or with domestic fodder / feed could do a lot to combat Global warming.

    * Organic agriculture has a much reduced Carbon and Methane footprint if you compare it with industrialized agrictulture. But Danone is a big player in the industrial dairy
    niche – so do not expect to hear that truth from them.

  4. HAPPY COWS ?????

    Lets see about that…

    Mother cows ONLY produce milk when they are pregnant, just like a cat, dog and any other mammal SO the dairy industry REPEATEDLY impregnates them by sticking a steel rod down into there butt and injects bull semen, then when she has her baby if it is a male it will obviously not produce milk so it is taken away and usually shot in the head and sold as "veal"

    The mother cow repeatedly has her babies taken away because if they were not taken away then they would drink all the milk we humans want and these cows are somehow HAPPY COWS?????

    This is not how the dairy industry works.

    PLEASE YOUTUBE ——–> Dairy Is Scary by Erin Janus

  5. those people can't predict weather for next 3 days and they try predict what is going happened in next 200 years! It's so sad when human try to be smarter than Mother Nature! They are suffering from a disease, named "we will safe the world" it's all about political power ! They think they are responsible for whole earth and all humans! Left try to make society so stupid because if society is stupid they have job to do! Climate change is a scam

  6. Har de har har!   cattle farts cause global warming!!  har de har har!   How stupid!  This shows how stupid people are.I'm in the process of finding a feed supplement that INCREASES cow flatchulancel  Maybe  more molasses?  a richer grain?

  7. BBC fake news propaganda climate change hysteria – The problem with today's society is that were applauding the ridiculous and rewarding those who participate nonsense which essentially means we are paying for a lot of ridiculous stuff we don't need. Climate change is a complete red herring, there is not ONE environmental parameter that is in danger of being broken … that is unless you subscribe to arbitrary dates and manipulated date omitted out by activists and special interests raking in the cash ……

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